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Soldering equipment was running hot

The proceeds of the sale will go towards financing the new lighting system

Anna-Maria and Walter Krings were the first: Cathedral master builder Helmut Maintz (r.) and art smith Adi Radermacher (l.) handed over the ordered lantern. Photo: Andreas Steindl

In the workshop of the cathedral construction lodge, welding, soldering, punching and screwing have been going on at full speed over the last few weeks. The first ten cathedral lanterns were finally to be delivered before Christmas. The buyers had to wait a long time for their orders. Delivery problems and staff shortages due to illness had led to an unexpected delay.

The almost 70 cm high models made of brushed steel were produced according to a design by the art smith Adi Radermacher, an employee of the Dombauh├╝tte, and were modelled in a scale of 1:10 on the lantern that crowns the roof of the octagon.

By buying a lantern, the buyers support the financing of the new interior lighting in the cathedral, which is to be on display for the first time at the Karlsfest at the end of January. The exclusive models are limited to 100, the respective number is engraved in the base and is certified in a certificate of the cathedral chapter.